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Welcome to Policyholders Compensation Fund

The Policyholders Compensation Fund (PCF) is a State Corporation under the The National Treasury that was established through the Legal Notice No.105 of 2004 and commenced its operations in January 2005. The Fund was established for the primary purpose of providing compensation to policyholders of an insurer that has been put under Statutory Management and for the secondary purpose of increasing the general public’s confidence in the insurance sector. The decision to establish the Fund was informed by the collapse of several Insurance companies prior to the year 2005. Read More
  • An Insurance Broker is an entity that represents the interests of the policyholder to ensure they receive a fair deal from the Insurance Company.
  • As representatives of the policyholders, they have an in depth understanding of their needs and are therefore important partners to the Fund.
  • Insurance brokers appoint one representative to sit in the Fund’s Board of Trustees.